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Not Just A Cup, But A Just Cup

Interdependence is grown into every bean we offer. We work to inspire health and happiness in our farmers, coffee drinkers, and the World.


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Welcome to Thanksgiving’s Team!                                                                                                                            

Thanksgiving Coffee Turns 50!

This video celebrates the highlights and history of our company,
which was established using our business as a force for good.

From Farm To Cup.

Meet the amazing farmers who grow your coffee!                                                                                                 


Cause Coffee - Be A Part of the Solution

Every great cup, steeped with a great purpose.

Clean Water Project Video

Clean Water Project Video

We Raised Community Happiness Quotient . Clean water is scarce in Uganda’s coffee-growing regions. 20 million Ugandans are without safe...
B  Corp 2023: Beyond Certification

B Corp 2023: Beyond Certification

We get it. The world has a lot of issues. But there is hope and there are folks like us...
March Single Origin Coffee Club: Organic Sumatra

March Single Origin Coffee Club: Organic Sumatra

Single Origin Club: Coffee from Sumatra What is a Single Origin coffee? Simply put, these coffees are defined by the... Read More

Our Story

We love our Northern California community and have operated a family owned roastery on the Mendocino Coast since 1972.

Coffee is our medium. “Not Just A Cup, But A Just Cup” is our message.


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