Our Values – Thanksgiving Coffee Company

Our Certifications

The coffee industry has a tremendous impact (positive and negative) on the environment, social equity, and peace in coffee growing regions. While certifications are fundamental to our work, our practices often go far beyond the standards that Fair Trade & Organic Certification have set. We believe in supporting the work that certifying organizations do to raise awareness and hold the coffee industry accountable. Here is what our certifications mean:

Sustainability Practices

We make every possible effort to reduce our ecological footprint at home and around the world. Here are some of the things we’re doing every day at the roastery to make a difference.

Fair Trade Farmers & Cooperatives

We partner with small family farms and cooperatives in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Laos, Nicaragua, Peru, Rwanda, Sumatra, Uganda, and even Hawaii. We are proud to partner with these amazing, hard-working farms and cooperatives and to pay a sustainable, fair trade price for their coffee. We invite you to learn more.