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Land Acknowledgement

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Honoring First Nations

( Collage Image: A Pomo Dancer - Kal si wa, Rosa Peters by Grace Hudson, Girl's Coiled Dowry or Puberty Basket (kol chu or ti ri bu ku) late 19th century, on the Mendocino Forest backdrop)

Thanksgiving Coffee Company operates on the unceded ancestral homelands of Northern Pomo, Coastal Pomo, Cahto, and Yuki peoples, who continue to care for these lands as they have since time immemorial.

Thanksgiving supports projects and programs that are inclusive and respectful of the First Peoples of California. The purpose of this page is to provide relevant and culturally respectful information and stories as told from the First People of Mendocino County:

We humbly recognize that the lands we work upon have been stewarded by Native peoples for millennia and were taken from the Pomo and Yuki peoples without their consent. Thanksgiving Coffee recognizes that we are on stolen land and works toward a better future for all members of our community.

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When Native Americans Were Forcibly Removed From a Mendocino Indian Reservation

* Partnered with Bee RYL Productions Forest Grandmothers project

**Collaborated on the Native Cinema Program

*** Serves Thanksgiving Coffee at Gram’s Coffee House.


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