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Our Team
Our History

Our Team

Our Team at Thanksgiving Coffee Company

It takes a village to make Thanksgiving Coffee function as a unified whole. It is a dance where we all work together and make our mision a reality - to "enhance the well-being of all we touch, from coffee grower to coffee drinker."

Our co-founders, Joan and Paul Katzeff  (pictured above) - who are still with us, 50 years later - set the tone, the way, and the path for us to follow. They may have retired to the Board but there presence still permeates our culture.

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Under the leadership of CEO Jonah Katzeff, our team is thriving once again after the pandemic.

  • Jacob Long is our Roastmaster and Director of Coffee.
  • Joe Seta is our Sales and Marketing Manager.
  • Jennifer Brown is our Office Manager.



The Roasting Team

Lead by Jacob Long, our Roastmaster and Director of Coffee, his team includes:

  • Josh Long - Roaster
  • Jon Baumeister - Roaster
  • Steve Channel - Roaster Maintenance

Sales and Marketing Teams:

These teams are lead by Joe Seta.

The Sales and Delivery Team includes:

  • Don Arnold - Sales Representative and Direct Delivery Coordinator
  • Kelsey Price - Sales Representative
  • Nathan Nies - Sales Representative and Direct Delivery
  • Shane Powers - Customer Service and Marketing
  • Heidi Sheehan-Duffy - Customer Service
  • Brian Potter - Direct Delivery and Production


The Marketing Team includes:

Production and Delivery

The Production Team is lead by Palmer Evans.

The Production Team includes:

  • Celia Garrido - Shipping
  • Sonia Sosa - Production
  • Xavion Bishop - Production