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Our team makes Thanksgiving Coffee function as a unified whole. It is a dance we all do together to bring our mission alive - we "enhance the well-being of all we touch, from coffee grower to coffee drinker."

Our co-founders, Joan and Paul Katzeff  who are still with us, 50 years later - set the tone, the way, and the path for us to follow. They may have retired to the Board but there presence still permeates our culture.


Persistently bold in their visionary approach to coffee, the founders of Thanksgiving Coffee led an industry toward equality and justice. Their leadership established ethical sourcing directly from small-scale farmer cooperatives which in turn inspired the first Fair Trade model. The company is built on the interconnectedness of coffee farmers, the coffee they produce, and the health and wellbeing of our shared environment.

Jonah generally drinks light to medium roast blends. A few of his go-to coffees are FTO Mocha Java, Paul’s Blend, and FTO Beaujolais. He loves our Kenya, Ethiopia Gedeb, and Panama Geisha single origins for special occasions.

Jacob takes his coffee black. He likes to brew it with a full immersion process either with a Soft Brew or a French Press. He prefers light roasts from Ethiopia, the favorite is a wet processed Ethiopian coffee from the Yirgacheffe region.

Jennifer's favorite coffee is anything made by Thanksgiving Coffee Company and she likes it strong with a good flavored creamer.

Joe's current favorite is the Panama Gesha with its brilliant high fruity notes, soft but balanced acidity with a firm low end for a light roast. The primary brewing method he uses at home is the French press (and an antique grinder!)

Together our leadership continues to work with coffee as our medium, community resilience as our passion, and the health and happiness of our farmers as our goal. “Not Just A Cup, But A Just Cup” is our motto, and it is as true as ever. A new generation with a regenerative vision, I invite you to meet our leadership team.

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Awards from our Roastmaster & Crew:

2019 Good Food Award

2017 Macro Roaster of the Year


Our Roasters are the heart of our company, they keep it alive with the heat and fire of the roasting trade. Led by Jacob Long, our Roastmaster and Director of Coffee, they transform the green beans and produce some of the finest coffees through out the world.

The roasting process is a living, breathing commitment, as every batch of beans turn in the barrel of the roaster, our team are giving their undivided attention and care to produce our amazing coffee. We invite you to meet the roasters of Thanksgiving Coffee Company.

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Thanksgiving Coffee's Sales and Delivery Crew are full of knowledge handed down by our founders, Joan and Paul Katzeff, and the valuable team their son, Jonah Katzeff CEO, has assembled to serve our community. The Sales Team is lead by Joe Seta.
Rafael Aviles - Sales for Thanksgiving Coffee Company
The coffee our team delivers and the support they give you are built on the unique relationship with the family farms and small co-operatives that Thanksgiving Coffee has cultivated with and for generations of coffee farmers.
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Balancing the image, word and purpose of Thanksgiving Coffee is our Marketing Team led by Joe Seta.

Allie Penex - Graphic Designer for Thanksgiving Coffee Company
Lavender Grace - Sustainability Consultant for Thanksgiving Coffee Company
Casey Davis - Consulting for Thanksgiving Coffee Company
Mischa Hedges - Trim Tab Media


Our Production Crew are the arms and legs of the company who move deftly between the freshly roasted beans, to produce the final packages for all our wonderful customers. Production is led by Palmer Evans

Here are some of the coffees our team likes, want to try one?

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Gedeb, Worka co-op

The Upsetter

Mocha Java - Medium Roast