Winner! 2019 Good Food Awards
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Winner! 2019 Good Food Awards

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The Roastmaster's Select 50th Edition

Thanksgiving Coffee’s Upsetter Espresso has been named a Winner of the 2019 Good Food Awards!

Each January, the Good Food Foundation organizes a three-day weekend to meet, celebrate, taste and buy from the nearly 200 Good Food Winners. The awarded products top the charts in a blind tasting and meet the environmental and social responsibility standards of the Good Food Awards. Each year, over 2,000 entries from all 50 states are submitted.

The Judging

The coffees are judged and coded to be double-blind, so neither the volunteers nor the judges have any indication of what coffees are presented. Judges are broken up into groups, each team tasting up to 8 different flights of coffee. After the first round – which this year featured over 170 submissions – only 50 coffees move on. These represent the 10 highest scoring coffees from each region of the US: East, West, North, South, and Central. The finalists are evaluated again and the top two in each region become Good Food Awards winners.

The Winning Coffee

Upsetter The Upsetter is a one-of-a-kind blend of coffees from around the world. This unique espresso is smooth and balanced, with complexities not found in single origin brews. Our Roastmaster, Jacob Long, spent a year developing this exciting advancement in espresso coffees, searching for just the right mix of varietals to roast to perfection.

Awarded coffees are usually single origins from Ethiopia. The quality and flavors of that region are legendary, and the fact that a blend has been judged their equal is no small feat. This award distinguishes the smooth complexity and rich flavor present in this coffee.

Authenticity with Distinction

Upsetter To win a double blind tasting over 170 other distinguished coffee roasters is truly an honor. We thank the Good Food Foundation for recognizing the importance of authenticity and quality in the food we eat. When you love the work you do, and care deeply about the process from start to finish, it shines through to the finished product. At least, that’s been our experience here at Thanksgiving Coffee Company for over 45 years.

Thanks to you, our customers, for knowing that a great cup of coffee comes from the heart, just as much as it comes from the coffee beans.

Not Just A Cup, But A Just Cup