Earning Beans For Coffee Rewards
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Earning Beans For Coffee Rewards

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Earning Beans for Coffee Rewards

Thanksgiving Coffee Company Appreciates You

We have made it simple and effective for you to get the appreciation we think you deserve.

It is the “Earn Beans” reward system. Yay!

These rewards will be counted as “beans” which you can redeem as discounts. The more beans you earn the greater the discount, all the way up to free products!

Earn Beans Button is located on the lower right of our website

How to Get Those Beans

Being You

We automatically give you 10 Beans for every $1 you spend with us on our site.

Sign in, let us know that you stopped by to make a purchase in the EARN BEAN and your bean collection begins.

That means, just by being our customer, you are already on your way to discounts on the coffee you love.


Let your friends know about us - You'll earn 250 Beans for each friend that purchase our coffee.

This means that when you refer a friend to our great coffee, you get more beans and they get a 25% off coupon for joining our coffee family.

Hey Friends

1. Click "Earn Beans" in the lower right corner of our site.

2. Sign in with your account info (or sign up if you're new).

3. Copy the referral link and share it with as many friends as you'd like. Each friend will get a 25% off coupon, and you'll earn 250 Beans for each friend that makes a purchase!

Tell Us What You Think

We want to know what you like, and what ways you think we could improve.

We will give you 50 Beans for each review.

If you want to earn 100 additional Beans, share a photo or video with your review!

How - Click on the "Earn Beans" button, make sure you're signed in to your account, and then click on "Reviews" to get started.


When you follow us on our social platforms, we will share 50 more beans with you.

Your continued support for our company is a direct link to the financial wellbeing of our coffee farmers. Your purchases aid our commitment to the health and happiness of the cooperatives and small scale family farmers we have built relations with for over 5 decades.

Be Empowered

The main reason for adding this program is that you will be empowered to create your own discounts instead of having to wait for us to have a sale...

You get to make your own sale, anytime, just by doing the things you already do and supporting our mission to improve the well-being of all we touch–from coffee grower to coffee drinker.

It Adds Up

It all adds up to discounts for more delicious artisinal crafted specialty coffee from our Thanksgiving Roastery to you.

  • You will recieve $20 off when you redeem 2000 Beans
  • You will reviece $10 off discount 1000 Beans

Happy Bean Earning to You

Lavender Grace is the Sustainability Consultant for Thanksgiving Coffee Company