Inaugural Impact Report 2021
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Inaugural Impact Report 2021

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How To Build Community

Impact is measured in many ways, both direct and indirect, seen and unseen. Over the course of Thanksgiving's 50 years, the company’s impact has spanned across both the coffee growing regions of the world, and the local community of Mendocino County. Now in these years of the post Covidian era, many new challenges have arisen. Whether it is the loss of loved ones, big changes to the supply chain, personnel shifts, or the flux of coffee plants in our changing climate, yet still our company remains constant.

This 2021 report shares how Thanksgiving Coffee continues to pull together and provide the best coffee in the world, while supporting health and happiness for our community. This is the ethos of Thanksgiving’s origins. This small coastal community of Mendocino posts signs of "How to Build Community" on walls of stores and gathering places, a reminder to all citizens and tourists alike, the importance of staying truly connected. The most commonly posted sticker that travels upon the bumpers of local cars reads "Think Global, Act Local".

Thanksgiving takes its lead from the people who shop in the local grocery stores and care about where and how their coffee is grown. The people who share how their family is fairing, who’s children have grown and who is now gone, the people who care about farmers and the global food system. The news from neighbors who come by for a great cup of coffee, and the organizations who invite us to support their efforts to do good in the world. This is who Thanksgiving Coffee Company is, and this is our impact, as part of a global community imagining the best possible future there can be, for all beings, and for the whole living planet of Earth.

In this report you will find:
  • A letter from our CEO – Jonah Katzeff, second generation of the founders
  • Thanksgiving’s Pollinator Sanctuary Campus
  • Green Bean Purchases, Certifications, and Countries of Origin
  • Our Footprint, Awards and Recognition in the Specialty Coffee Industry
  • Giving Back - Our Global and Local Community Health and Happiness Initiatives

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Lavender Grace is the Sustainable Ecology Advocate for Thanksgiving Coffee Company