Thanksgiving Coffee Turns 50
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Thanksgiving Coffee Turns 50

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50 Years of Business

Thanksgiving Coffee Company turns 50 this year. We created a video to celebrate the highlights and history of our company, which was established using our business as a force for good, with coffee as our medium. The video below offers a glimpse into the social and environmental justice built into the heart our the company and how we are working to bring health and well-being to our farmers.



The way to great coffee flavor is not direct. The path must be traveled with great care and attention. The way becomes a path, the path a road, and then, magically, the road becomes a highway that leads to people who cultivate the land from which the coffee derives its special flavor. How does one find the path? Through caring. One does not search so much for the road that leads to the tree, as for the road that leads to the heart. This is the secret.



Now the new generation is here to steward the regenerative business forward. Jonah Katzeff is the new CEO, while his parents Joan and Paul remain active members of the Board to guide their son for many years to come.

Our motto, and it is true as ever... Not Just A Cup, But A Just Cup.

Thanksgiving Coffee Company

50th Anniversary