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Roasters of Thanksgiving Coffee Company

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Roasters of Thanksgiving Coffee Company

In the heart of our company, keeping everything going, is our Roasting Crew. Their tasks are to transform the green beans we gather from the finest coffee farms and coops in the world, and turn them into the remarkable coffee that you brew into your cup, and they do this every day! The process is a living breathing commitment to every batch of beans as they turn in the barrel of the roaster. With over 1600 chemical compounds in a single coffee bean, artisan roasters use variations of temperature and time to create the unique flavor and find the perfect roast color to determine the flavor of the coffee. I invite you to meet the roasters of Thanksgiving Coffee Company.

Resulting Awards from our Roastmaster and Crew:

2019 Good Food Award

2017 Macro Roaster of the Year

Award Winning Coffees

Jacob Long - Roastmaster

Raised in Fort Bragg, Jacob has worked at Thanksgiving since June of 2007. First and foremost he is enthusiastic about all aspects of coffee, from how it is grown and processed, to how it’s roasted and brewed. He is also excited by having the ability to work with one of the finest coffees in the word, and maintain the quality of the coffee at a company that is 50 years old and has a reputation for quality. In his spare time he likes to forage for wild mushrooms, fish, spend time with his family, and stay busy. His favorite music is reggae, punk, and a little bit of everything else. Old style reggae, rock steady reggae is what he likes the most.

Jacob takes his coffee black. He likes to brew it with a full immersion process either with a Soft Brew or a French Press. He prefers light roasts from Ethiopia, the favorite is a wet processed Ethiopian coffee from the Yirgacheffe region.

Jon Baumeister- Roaster

Jon was also raised here in Fort Bragg and has worked with Thanksgiving Coffee Company for 17 years. What keeps him here is the coffee, and roasting the coffee. He likes the beauty of the coffee beans and how you never roast the same way twice. “There are different light roast, medium roast, dark roasts, so you’re always working at a set point and different coffees take a different temperature to get to the set point,” says Jon. He likes the challenge and how you really have to be focused on each variety of coffee, and what it needs in the roasting process. He also likes the people who work here and finds the owners, Paul and Joan, are very fair to their workers. When he’s not at work, Jon likes to garden and spend time outdoors. His favorite music is Rock and Roll, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival along with old groups from 60’s-70’s, 80’s Rock and Roll, and some Country.

Jon’s favorite coffee is Upsetter. He likes light roast coffees, especially SongBird Guatemalan, and Rwanda. Jon takes his coffee with milk or cream and is happy with a drip brew.

Steve Channel - Roaster Maintenance

Steve is a local of Fort Bragg, CA and has been with the Company for 10 years now. He say’s, “I just love the place” His father helped to start the company back in the early 1970’s. He used to work in the lumber industry and once that went South ad closed, Paul (Katzeff) offered him a job.

Steve likes to work with wood, and read in his spare time. His favorite music is “Solid Gold” from the 70’s and 60’s Rock and Roll.

Steve’s favorite coffee is a blend of Rwanda and Gedeb. He drinks it black and likes to brew it using a French Press.

Josh Long - Roaster

Josh was raised in Fort Bragg and has been a roaster with Thanksgiving since 2015. He likes to pick mushrooms and fish when he is not in the roasting room. He likes all kinds of music, but if he had to listen to one for the rest of his life it would be classic rock. He is motivated to work hard and maintain a good quality of life. He appreciates Joan and Paul for creating such a good place to work.

Josh takes his coffee black and likes to brew it “cowboy style.” He puts the ground coffee in a bowl, pours the boiling hot water in, lets it steep and pours the brewed coffee off the top. No filter, no fancy pot. His favorite coffee is a washed Ethiopian, Gedeb.