Fort Bragg High School Culinary Arts Visit
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Fort Bragg High School Culinary Arts Visit

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Fort Bragg High School Culinary Arts Visit

Thanksgiving Coffee Company recently hosted 30 students from the Fort Bragg High School Culinary Department for a morning of touring, tasting, and education about coffee production.

The students have a wide range of reasons to study the art and science of cooking. Some wanted to learn how to cook better for themselves while others are considering a career in food service. We discussed coffee flavors and aromas, the early origins of coffee, and the role that Thanksgiving Coffee has played in the development of Specialty Coffee since 1972.


Fort Bragg High School Culinary Arts Students visiting the Cupping Lab of Thanksgiving Coffee

Coffee Picking

They had fun picking their own ripe coffee beans from the tree that is producing in our office. The sense of wonder increased as they witnessed the artisan roasting by our team, seeing the flames, watching the color of the beans change, and smelling the magic as the roasting process cycled through.


The Students Were Surprised To Learn That We Import Over 500,000 Lbs. Of Coffee From 22 Different Countries Annually.

Taste Range

When we finally got back to the cupping lab and could taste a range of coffees - light roast, medium roast, dark roast, French roast, and decaf – the reality of the process came full circle and the appreciation peaked. We discussed coffee flavors and applications as ingredients from things like dry rubs and even coffee jelly as a dessert element.

The best feedback came afterward when our Roastmaster/ Director of Coffee, Jacob Long, heard from his son, Abe, who is currently a senior at Fort Bragg High School, that the students had a great time and got a kick out of meeting his Dad.


Jacob Long, Director of Coffee Sharing his knowledge with the FBHS Cullinary Arts Students


Educators of Coffee

We are ready to promote coffee knowledge and are willing to do anything we can to support coffee education. This was a great experience all around.

Joe Seta is the Marketing and Sales Manager of Thanksgiving Coffee Company