Production Crew of Thanksgiving Coffee Company
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Production Crew of Thanksgiving Coffee Company

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Our team that gets the coffee to you

The arms and legs of the company are found in our Production Team as they move smoothly between the freshly roasted beans, to the final customer packages. This zone is buzzing with movement from the fresh batch of beans rushing down the gravity feed shoot to a new coffee barrel. The Production crew mixes the different roasts and portions carefully to produce the great flavorful blends. When needed, they take the whole beans and grind them to the right specifications to be brewed to their highest potential. The crew then takes all this tasty roasted coffee, box it up, and ship it out to you, our customers. Here they are.

Palmer Evans – Production Supervisor

Palmer Evans has been with Thanksgiving Coffee Company for seven years. He enjoys the people he works with and likes what the company stands for. When he is not at work he does what his kids want to do… Play video games, spend time with family and their dogs.

Palmer enjoys rock music, but he can listen to just about everything except bag pipes…. “Never could get into those”, he says. His favorite Coffee is Kenya Peaberry, however, he does like mixing Kenya Peaberry and the Ethiopian Gedeb together 50/50. “Its SUPER fruity”. He likes to brew his coffee using a French Press.

Celia Garrido - Shipping

Celia Garrido has worked with the company for over 21 years. This position has been a huge part of her life. She has worked here for so long that she watched her kids grow up and the company grow at the same time. It has been a fun and interesting job in her eyes. She likes to be here because she finds the environment positive, interesting, and she likes making our customers happy.

When Celia is not working, she likes to be home and care for her grandbaby, as nothing else compares to her Christina. She likes to relax, doesn’t really like to cook too much anymore, mostly it is all about her grandchild.

Her favorite music is romance and Cumbia, and her favorite bands are Panco Barraza and Julio Jaramillo.

Celia’s favorite coffee is Byron’s wash from Nicaragua and her second favorite is the FairTrade Beaujolais blend. She brews it in a drip coffee maker at home and likes to add a chocolate creamer or just milk.

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Sonia Sosa - Production

Sonia Sosa has been with the company for two years. She likes the location of the company in town and appreciates the kind people that she works with.

When Sonia is not working, she likes to take walks, to rest, and watch TV. Her favorite music is Mexican Reggaeton. She also likes Karol G - Provenza. Sonia’s favorite coffee is Mocha Java and brews it on a drip coffee maker. She takes her coffee with milk.

Jerret Mitts – Shipping

Jerret recently joined our production crew in shipping and has been a wonderful asset to our team.

Here are the coffees our production crew like, want to try one?

Beaujolais Blend - Medium Roast

Kenya - Nyeri Peaberry

Mocha Java - Medium Roast