Baby Rhino Rescue

Baby Rhino Rescue

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Baby Rhino Rescue

These coffees benefit the Baby Rhino Rescue. By supporting two of the largest rhino orphan sanctuaries in South Africa, Baby Rhino Rescue provides essential physical, nutritional, medical and emotional support to rehabilitate those baby rhinos fortunate enough to be found in time to save them.

Baby Rhino Rescue’s vision is for these orphan rhinos to have a safe future in the wild, and its mission is that working together, we can save rhinos from extinction. Join us in supporting Baby Rhino Rescue with your monthly coffee purchase, here on the Thanksgiving Coffee website.

For each bag of coffee sold, Baby Rhino Rescue gets $1.50. Since 2017, we've raised $5,193 and counting...

Visit the Baby Rhino Rescue website to find out how you can double your Baby Rhino coffee donation and get a discount on every bag purchased!

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