Specialty Coffee Expo 2023
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Specialty Coffee Expo 2023

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As a first timer going to the SCA convention, I can tell you it was more than just a little overwhelming. Besides the sea of people (there were thousands of attendees), the first thing that strikes you is the incredible aroma of hundreds of coffees being ground and brewed at the same time.

The next amazing part for me was that I never saw a single grumpy face - everyone was overjoyed to be getting together again and talking about the incredible liquid that we are so passionate about. There is an amazing camaraderie of the folks in this business. Even professional rivals (competitors)… were all focused on this peak experience and projecting their best for all to see.

A panorama of the SCA Expo Convention floor.
Specialty Coffee Expo Members Opening Line up

Then we get to the exhibition floor... so vast it is hard to describe. My best frame of reference is that it took me 10 hours over the course of two days to experience it all one time. There were new technologies, there were cutting edge products, coffee varietals and flavors from dozens of countries - each one a complete departure from the previous.

I suppose my biggest weakness was exposed at the booth for Panama’s Geisha coffee... 12 different stations each with two different flavors on display. Yes, I must admit I went down the rabbit hole of each one and I am still very glad that I did. That is, about as close as I came to being over caffeinated.

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