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Native Cinema 2024

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Native Cinema 2024

Thanksgiving Coffee Company had the privilege to co-sponsor the “Native Cinema” event along with Xa Kako Dile: in the main tent at the 2024 Mendocino Film Festival. The sold out audience was alerted at the introduction that the next two and a half hours could make them feel “uncomfortable” and the truths that were shared at this event were even more than that word conveyed.

Corine Pearce - Pomo Basket Weaver

There were beautiful short films on the artistry and teaching of the world-renowned Pomo basketry with Corine Pearce, and the resurgence and validation of the Yurok tribe’s forest management practices using fire which has been practiced in this region for millennia. These controlled burns have now been adopted by Cal Fire and other agencies as extremely effective in controlling dangerous undergrowth and revitalizing the land.

Margo Robbins of the Yurok Tribe bringing prescribed fire back in the film - Fire Tender

This led up to the most significant part of the event – a documentary on MMIW – Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. It was horrifying to learn that we live in parts of the top 5 most dangerous parts of California for Indigenous Women, and also for other Indigenous people (MMIP) as well. Here is a snapshot of an all-too-horrific story: Missing of Murdered Indigenous People Fact Sheet

"The next 2 1/2 hours could make you uncomfortable"

Image from the documentary "We Ride For Her"

raising awareness of the heartbreaking realities

The film WE RIDE FOR HER (directed by Prairie Rose Seminole & Katrina Lillian Sorrentino) follows the birth of a group of motorcycle riding indigenous women who created this group to raise awareness of the heartbreaking realities and to aid in the search for their missing sisters and brothers. This documentary should be required education for all Californians.


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