Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2023
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Sierra Nevada World Music Festival 2023

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We Offered a Thriving Palace of Fine Coffee

Back from hiatus, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival returned, and Thanksgiving Coffee Company was there. Inside the field that is sometimes used for high school sports, rodeo, sheepdog trials, and beer festivals, we constructed a working coffee house and served well over two thousand drinks.

Espresso, lattes, cold brew and many other delights kept the energy of the crowd right where it wanted to be. 75 lbs. of various coffees transformed an empty field into a thriving palace of fine coffee.

The Waiting Room/ Cafe Beaujolais's Chef Julian Lopez behind the Espresso Booth at the SNWMF

The booth came from TCC, but Chef Julian from the Waiting Room/Café Beaujolais brought his staff to operate it with great style and delicious offerings.

“It was Spaz-iale!”

The weather cooperated – never too hot, or too windy - but allowed all to enjoy three days of Peace, Love and Music. Thanks to Ksenia, Shelly and the whole crew at SNWMF for making it a wonderful experience all around.

As the SNWMF social media post said… “It was Spaz-iale!”

Photo by Hanane Korchi for SNWMF

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