July Events 2023
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July Events 2023

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Summer of Fun

July is only halfway done and yet the events are nonstop! Getting out amongst the world of coffee lovers gives us the best connection possible and exposure of our products to a wide range of audiences.

We have been doing lots and lots of non-stop local (and not-so-local) events recently, including:


 An annual event at the Caspar Community Center that brings the community together with local vendors and music in celebration of Caspar, CA

Bubbles, facepainting, kidzone at Caspar Fest with U'ilani Wesley

The band La Onda

Momma Grows funk, an eight piece funk band playing live performing in front of a dancing crowd outside in the sunshine

The Redwood Coast Recreation Center

Here we offered our coffee to support the center in Sea Ranch, CA

"Your presence really added a nice touch and helped make it a successful event. We have gotten a LOT of positive feedback so we are hoping to repeat the event next summer!"

Beth Roland

B Local Bay Area

This event was a group mixer for B Corps in San Francisco. As a certfied B Corp we enjoy meeting and working with our local chapter to learn about the good work and practices of our colleagues.

The Chair of the Bay Area B Local Keira Murphy addresses the gathering, and a downtown view of Sales Force Tower in San Francisco

Nathan Nies at the Thanksgiving Coffee station sharing our delicious coffee and story with our fellow B Corp community.

The Mendocino Music Festival!

We have been serving coffee as a sponsor of the Music Festival since it's humble beginnings in 1986.

Festival Orchestra 1, with soloists Jessica Fellowes and Katie Kadarauch

View from the Festival Tent

Lavender Grace enjoying a cup of coffee at the Festival

Coffee brings people together. We are happy to support our community to learn and grow and celebrate one another with great coffee.

Stay tuned to all our Coffee Adventures