4th Annual World Bee Day - Live Stream
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4th Annual World Bee Day - Live Stream

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World Bee Day

4th Annual World Bee Day Celebration
Free Live Stream

May 20, 2021
12:00PM PST

Join us for the International World Bee Day as we honor and acknowledge the importance of our bees for sustaining the Earth’s biodiversity, local food security, and ancient sacred knowledge.

In collaboration with the Mendocino Rotary Foundation and the Mendocino Rotary Club, we opened the Bee Bold Alliance’s first Pollinator Sanctuary in Mendocino, CA

Come enjoy a live program with Lavender Grace the Sustainable Ecology Advocate of Thanksgiving Coffee Company plus an excerpt from the ceremony on Sunday, May 16th.

May 20, 2021
12:00PM PST

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Together we are creating “Honey Heart Habitats” with honor, respect, and reciprocity for the soil, the water, and the bees..

Sunday’s Participants in the included Conservation Works, Jug Handle Creek Farm, and Nature Center, Rotary Club Mendocino, Thanksgiving Coffee Company, Eco Artists, Bee Bold Alliance, Mendocino Art Center, Garden Friendly Community, Mendocino Trail Stewards, Mendocino Gold Honey, The Farm, Botanical Gardens, and Honey Hive of Mendocino.

Support the work of the Bee Bold Alliance when you drink our Bee Bold Coffee.

We acknowledge the Bees for all the beauty and abundance they bring,  and for maintaining our biodiversity and local food security. Thanksgiving Coffee Company is an enthusiastic supporter of The Bee Bold Alliance and is proud to produce Bee Bold Coffee as a fundraiser to save pollinators, of which bees are the most important.

Now, after five years of work this effort has turned into a movement anchored by Ft. Bragg becoming the first Certified Bee City in California and a dozen Mendocino County community organizations pledging support for protecting and nurturing our local pollinators by joining The Bee Bold Alliance.