Mendocino Film Festival Gala 2024
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Mendocino Film Festival Gala 2024

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The Mendocino Film Festival kicked off with a fabulous gala party at the Mendocino Arts Center with live music and great conviviality that featured a collaboration between community restaurants, wineries, and Thanksgiving Coffee Company .

Fabulous Gala at Mendocino Art Center

We chose to pair with Chef Joe Cucina Verona restaurant in Fort Bragg to serve Affogatos - a shot of espresso over vanilla bean Gelato… A decadent little pick me up that was enjoyed by all. The word Affogato is literally defined as “drowned” in Italian.

Left to right - Joe Seta, Chef Joe from Cucina Verona, Co-founder Paul Katzeff and festival sponsor, Diana Coryat.

Inside the Gala Tent on the Mendocino Art Center Patio

With both ends of the caffeination spectrum acknowledged, it's no surprise that we gave away over 300 Affogatos!

Left - Joe Seta serving up an affagato for the Gala

We had brought this tasty concoction to the festival last year with great success and also received the feedback that people were concerned about being kept awake after the first film was done so we had both our Northern Italian Espresso and Northern Italian Espresso Decaf versions. With both ends of the caffeine spectrum acknowledged, it was no surprise that we gave away over 300 Affogatos and started the 2024 Mendocino Film Festival on a lively note.