Celebrating 45 Years : MacCallum House & Thanksgiving Coffee
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Celebrating 45 Years : MacCallum House & Thanksgiving Coffee

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Celebrating 45 Years: MacCallum House & Thanksgiving Coffee

Thanksgiving Coffee and the MacCallum House

We’ve been in the coffee biz for a long time now and it’s time to pay homage to those who have been with us since the very beginning of it all. As you may or may not know, Thanksgiving Coffee was founded in 1972 by Paul and Joan Katzeff – you can read our full story here (it’s really quite interesting). The MacCallum House, a boutique hotel and restaurant in Mendocino Village, has an enthralling history of its own. We’ll talk about that more soon. Here’s to the MacCallum House! Thank you for serving Thanksgiving Coffee to your guests for over 45 years!

Story of the MacCallum House

This bit was pulled from the MacCallum House website:

“The house itself was a wedding present from Daisy (Kelly) MacCallum’s parents, constructed in what was then called “pointed cottage” style. When first built, it was more highly decorated with cresting on the roof ridge and finials at the point of the gables. The architect and builder was John D. Johnson, who did many of Mendocino’s long lasting redwood, New England style Victorian homes.

Finally completed in 1882, the MacCallum house got a rave review from the local newspaper, The Mendocino Beacon: ‘Hot and cold water in three different places (count ’em!) and there is a bathroom with a sprinkler overhead for family use. The house contains five airy bedrooms with lofty ceiling and corresponding breadth, a cheery dining room, a parlor with space for a library, a pantry with a washroom …it is a beautiful residence.’

Daisy had the house moved to its present location – a little lower on the lot and a tad to the West. She added the back part at that time. She was a very social person. She needed the extra room, not only for a growing “army” of nieces and nephews, but also for a constant flow of interesting professional people to slake her appetite for “what’s happening”. Artists, writers, and musicians visited – as they still do in her absence – to enjoy the ambiance of her questing spirit.

Her modus operandi was to seat you in her presence on her sun porch where she regularly held court, pour you a cup of tea, and hand you one of her yummy oatmeal cookies.”

They even have their own blend. Full-bodied with dark chocolate overtones and a finish of sweet spices. Specially made for the MacCallum House Restaurant in Mendocino.

Click here to read the entire history.

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