Roastmaster's Quarterly Coffee: Yemen Mocca
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Roastmaster's Quarterly Coffee: Yemen Mocca

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Roastmaster's Quarterly Coffee Selection

Yemen Mocca from Pearl of Tehama was selected as our quarterly featured coffee by our Roastmaster and Director of Coffee, Jacob Long.

Our Yemen Mocca coffee comes from some of the oldest rootstocks in the world, originally having been transplanted from Ethiopia, to create the first commercial coffee trade. In fact, the word “Arabica” refers to Arabian coffee supplies that were the first to reach the West, initially from the port of Mocca. 

Coffee is one of the crops in Yemen that continues to persist, despite a wealth of challenges, partly because of the deep social tradition among the coffee farmers which keeps these communities together.

Over 1,000,000 people work in Yemen’s coffee trade, from farmers to exporters. Over 3 million people have been displaced due to the protracted civil war in the country. Nearly 2/3 of the country needs food or medical aid, so when a new crop becomes available, we look at it with reverence, knowing the obstacles that had to be overcome in order to reach us.




1700 - 2400 meters


Full Natural Dried on rooftops and raised beds


615 Farmers around Pearl of Tehama


Sa’adeh & Ibb Governorates, Yemen

Taste the generational knowledge, and heritage that creates this coffee's delicious flavor and texture. Try our Yemen Mocca for your self.