Namanyoni  Co-op United A Community
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Namanyoni Co-op United A Community

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Namanyoni Co-op united a community

The wheels were set in motion many years ago when Thanksgiving Coffee began our work with the Ugandan Coffee Cooperative “Delicious Peace” to bring their Interfaith coffee to market. For those of you who have been following us on this unique journey, we want to share another perspective. It is an article written by an organization that understands cooperatives are run by people, and people have many ups and downs.

"We love this story of multiple faiths helping each other, moving beyond personal beliefs"

Child from the "Delicious Peace" Coffee Cooperative in Uganda.

The author is Rebecca Harvey, the executive editor of Co-operative News.  She was very intrigued about the journey this cooperative has been on and contacted Thanksgiving to learn about our involvement. We had the opportunity to speak with her and share our story. We also learned that Co-op News has been around for over 150 years to support the communication between all the many cooperatives in England, and now the World.

Sorting green coffee at Namanyoni Co-op.

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Lavender Grace is the Sustainable Ecology Advocate for Thanksgiving Coffee Company and Consultant for the Honey Hive of Mendocino.