Mocha Java - A Classic Blend Taken to New Heights
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Mocha Java - A Classic Blend Taken to New Heights

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Our Mocha Java blend celebrates the rich history of this classic coffee combination. Back in the 1400s to 1600s, the majority of Europe’s coffee intake came out of the Red Sea, from the Port of Mocha [Makha or Mokha]. This coffee was grown in the country of Yemen, but was referred to by the name of the port from which it came. In the Pacific Islands, it was the same story. Most Indonesian coffee was coming out of a port on the island of Java, controlled by the Dutch East India Trading Company. This led to the term “java”, which has remained as slang for coffee to this day.

Mocha Java map

These two ports caffeinated most of the coffee-drinking world in those days, and trading ships passed through both on the same trip. Although 5,000 miles separated them, coffee from Java and Yemen lived together on the sailing vessels that made their way across the Indian Ocean and back to Europe. These two origins came together as the very first blend in the world of coffee, and it’s a combination that roasters continue to emulate.

We sent our Mocha Java Blend into Coffee Review for their “Desert-Island Coffees: What To Drink When You’re Stuck at Home” article, and we’re thrilled to announce that it received our highest score ever- 96 points!

Our Roastmaster Jacob Long says:

“We chose to highlight our Mocha Java blend because folks stuck at home can brew up a cup of this coffee, sit back and take a mental vacation to faraway places. We get the opportunity to educate consumers about the early history of Coffea arabica production and trade and answer some common questions like “Is chocolate added to this coffee?” and “Where the heck is Java?” We can talk about the effect of terroir on the cup, the various methods of post-harvest processing, and the fine art of blending coffees together to create a more complex cup.”

Ken Davids of Coffee Review, who particularly liked this coffee, says, “An echoing dry, savory, rather chewy depth comes on immediately (from a wet-hulled Sumatra, apparently), and after that, a pure, berryish sweetness (from two Ethiopias, a washed process and a natural) emerges and takes over through the finish. That paradoxical second surge of fruit and floral sweetness coming out of a nutty, savory matrix is what impresses me about this coffee. Stay-at-home coffees ought to be overlapping, layered, shifty like this one, so you keep coming back and finding something new.”

Pick up a package of Mocha Java today and experience this classic blend for yourself!

Mocha Java Blend


Balances earthy richness and lively fruit sweetness; all the flavors we love in coffee. This blend combines wet-hulled Indonesian coffee, with wet and dry processed Ethiopian coffees.

Review Date: May 2020
Aroma: 9
Acidity: 9
Body: 9
Flavor: 10
Aftertaste: 9