Byron's Maracaturra (Washed) – October Single Origin Club
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Byron's Maracaturra (Washed) – October Single Origin Club

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Byron’s Maracaturra (Washed) – October Single Origin Club


Byron’s Maracaturra – Washed

What is a Single Origin coffee? Simply put, these coffees are defined by the place they come from.

Single Origin coffees are from a specific farm or group of farms that make up small cooperatives. You’ll find that most of our Single Origin coffees are light roasted since this brings out their unique aromas and flavor notes. This month, we’re sharing our Byron’s Maracaturra washed with you, grown by Los Piños Farm in Nicaragua.

About the Farm

Located in the northern region of Nicaragua is Finca Los Piños. This region produces approximately 83.80% of the national coffee production and has exceptional agro-ecological conditions. They are located in the community of Aranjuez, belonging to the department of Matagalpa. Los Piños farm is part of the El Arenal Natural Reserve, at an altitude of about 1400 meters, where the waters that feed the great Apanas lake are born.

The Corrales Family has four generations of coffee producers, preserving the best practices that have allowed them to achieve a distinctive and outstanding flavor. They continue to use the cultivation methods used by past generations, adding only organic products made on our own farm into the soil.

“Coffee is part of our lives and it has become the way we can express to the world our effort, respect and solidarity as a family.”

Not ready to join the Single Origin Club? Make a one-time purchase of Byron’s Maracaturra.


  • Farm: Finca Los Piños
  • Altitude:1 ,500 meters
  • Processing: Fully washed
  • Varietal: Maracaturra