Our Newest Cause Coffee Helps Save The Redwoods
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Our Newest Cause Coffee Helps Save The Redwoods

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The story behind the blend…

Thanksgiving Coffee Company has quite literally grown up in the redwoods. More than 50 years ago, the redwood forest, rivers and ocean are what drew us to the Mendocino Coast. Our founders and staff live near and in the forestland, backed up to beautiful trails, winding green rivers, and giant trees – some here for generations longer than we. We’ve raised our children here.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen logging booms and busts. We’ve seen trucks barreling past, loaded with old-growth trees. We’ve participated in activism and protest to save the redwoods. We believe that our forest resources are precious, and worth saving.

Once again, our forests are under threat – and so we’ve partnered with The Mendocino Trail Stewards on a brand new coffee to support their conservation efforts.

Mendocino Trail Stewards are working to create a visionary model demonstration forest on the Northern California Coast, the Mendocino Coast Redwood Forest Reserve, 20,000 acres of second growth coast redwood forest, preserved in perpetuity for the demonstration of how humans and nature can partner to:

  • Fight Climate Change
  • Restore Degraded Ecosystems
  • Promote Spiritual & Mental Health
  • Support Sustainable Economies

Sign the petition and add your voice to the movement to #createthereserve.

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