Top 4 Organic Coffees
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Top 4 Organic Coffees

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4 of Our Best-Selling Organic Coffees

Our organically grown coffee is free of pesticides and preservatives.

Songbird Nicaraguan

Each package sold benefits the American Birding Association's programs in Central America. By drinking shade-grown and bird friendly certified coffee every morning, you are supporting these coffee farmers, the efforts of the ABA, and the countless birds they are protecting through community outreach and conservation. Learn more. Since 1998 we have raised $212,012.30 and counting…

Sweet without sugar, mellow without cream, it is a great breakfast coffee.

Noyo Harbor French

Distinctively smoky flavor with hints of jammy fruit, roasted nuts and baker's chocolate. This is our signature FTO French Roast, featuring coffees from Central America, South America and Indonesia.

Paul's Blend

Paul's Blend is one of the award-winning coffee roasts from our 2017 Roaster of the Year prize.

With so many great coffees to showcase our work here at Thanksgiving Coffee, Roastmaster Jacob Long chose to present the Roaster of the Year judges with a few of our freshest coffees: the vibrant and rich Kenya Nyeri Peaberry, floral Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and the beloved fruity-chocolatey Paul's Blend.

Co-founder and Roastmaster Emeritus Paul Katzeff created this blend to showcase his favorite coffees. Blueberry notes add to hints of cashew and chocolate.

French Decaf

Formerly known as "Nighthawks French", this Water Processed French decaf is roasted to our darkest level. It is amazing how much this tastes like regular caffeinated coffee! This coffee is organically grown in Mexico and decaffeinated at a nearby facility to reduce its carbon footprint.

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