The Story Behind Canto de Bolivar
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The Story Behind Canto de Bolivar

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Single Origin Club: Canto de Bolivar

What is a Single Origin coffee? Simply put, these coffees are defined by the place they come from.

Single Origin coffees are from a specific farm or group of farms that make up small cooperatives. You’ll find that most of our Single Origin coffees are light roasted.

This month we're sharing our Canto de Bolivar coffee grown in Bolivia by the ASOCAFE Cooperative and light-roasted here at Thanksgiving Coffee in Fort Bragg, CA.

About the Farm

The Caranavi province is the heart of coffee production in Bolivia, surrounded by rivers that flow from glaciers 4,000 meters above carve deep valleys and create an ideal landscape for the cultivation of exquisite coffee. The farmers of ASOCAFE grow prized varietals on their small farms and transport their carefully hand-picked coffee to central processing stations, where, under the watchful eye of the cooperative’s staff, the ripe cherries are depulped, fermented, washed, and sun-dried.

Perched atop fertile mountain ridges in the foothills east of the Andes, 300 farming families produce one of Bolivia's sweetest coffees under the shade of lush jungle canopy. These farmers are members of ASOCAFE, a cooperative founded in 1990 in an effort to improve the quality of the area's coffee and, consequently, price and income for farmers, leading to a better quality of life.

Altitude: 1,800 meters

Processing: Wet/washed

Farmer: ASOCAFE Cooperative

Varietal: Typica/Caturra/Catui

Not ready to join the Single Origin Club? Make a one-time purchase of our Canto de Bolivar light roast coffee.