Roastmaster's Select: Finca La Cabaña
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Roastmaster's Select: Finca La Cabaña

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Roastmaster's Select: Finca La Cabaña

Roastmasters Club Columbia

Finca La Cabaña (June 2021)

Each month, our Roastmaster, Jacob Long, hand-picks fresh and unique micro lot coffees to bless your taste buds. “What is a micro lot,” you ask? Read up on how we source the beans and what happens when they reach our roastery.

This June, some of the finest Colombian coffee is making its way to your doorstep, straight from the Thanksgiving Coffee roastery! Join the Roastmaster’s Select Club to begin your coffee journey around the world, this month with our Finca La Cabaña Colombian coffee.

  • Altitude: 1100-1300 meters/4500-6000 feet
  • Processing: Fully washed, dried in solar dryers
  • Producer: Dario Delgado – La Cabaña
  • Region: Magdalena, Colombia

About the Farm

In the mountains of Northern Colombia sits the La Cabaña farm at about 4500-6000 feet, which is an ideal micro-climate for growing the highest quality Arabica. The farm has a dense over story of native trees allowing for sanctuary of migratory song birds and has been certified by the Smithsonian as “Bird Friendly”. -Roastmaster, Jacob Long

Bird Friendly