Roastmaster's Select Club: Nicaragua UCA Miraflor
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Roastmaster's Select Club: Nicaragua UCA Miraflor

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Roastmaster's Select Club: Nicaragua UCA Miraflor

Once a month, members of the Roastmaster’s Select Coffee Club have the opportunity to sample unique micro-lot coffees from around the world. “What is a micro lot,” you ask? Read up on how we source the beans and what happens when they reach our roastery.

Following the harvest cycle, Roastmaster’s Club Members have exclusive access to these one-of-a-kind coffees at their peak freshness, and now it’s your turn!

Coffee Grown in Nicaragua

The UCA Miraflor Cooperative Union was founded with the goals of developing human capital and sustainably managing natural resources in the region. Comprised of 12 member cooperatives, UCA Miraflor focuses on agricultural production, marketing crops like coffee and mushrooms, and offering ecotourism services.
The cooperatives strive to protect the environment while maintaining democratic and sustainable organizational structures. They were first established in 1979 during Nicaragua's Sandinista revolution, which overthrew the oppressive Somoza dictatorship that had exploited the country for decades. In the revolutionary period, the Contras launched deadly attacks against soldiers, peasants, and civilians alike. Several cooperatives today still honor the "Heroes and Martyrs" who gave their lives. The Union itself was founded in 1990.
One of UCA Miraflor's greatest achievements has been developing human capital through education initiatives for youth and women's empowerment. Environmental awareness has grown across communities, and gender relations are transforming. Four exclusively women's cooperatives were established during this time.
Ecotourism has more recently fueled new growth, allowing communities to benefit from environmental protection work while recognizing women entrepreneurs who offer accommodations. Youth also gain income as tourist guides, improving their English and experiencing cultural exchanges.
By buying UCA Miraflor coffee, you directly support small-scale farmers - many of them women - who have access to education, healthcare and a living wage through their cooperative. Your purchase also helps fund community programs like youth leadership initiatives and ecotourism ventures that promote cultural exchange.

Altitude: 1000 – 1400 meters

Processing: Fully washed & sun dried

Region: Miraflor Moropotente,Estelí, Nicaragua

Varietal: Catuai, Caturra, and Catimor