Pollinator Protectors Unite for National Pollinator Week
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Pollinator Protectors Unite for National Pollinator Week

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Pollinator Protectors Unite

National Pollinator Week June 22 – 28TH, 2020

Thanksgiving Coffee Company is an activist company and has been for over 40 years.  We use coffee as a medium for change and a force for good.  We are passionate about Pollinators and the biodiversity they create in the web of life and food on the planet. We are so passionate about preserving Pollinators that we have created a product line to support this work.  Our Bee Bold Coffee generates funds for Bee Centric and Pollinator Protector Non-Profits to maintain the diversity of each bioregion and ultimately food security for all.

Sign the Pollinator Protector Pledge and show your solidarity for future generations.

Download and Sign the pledge 

Email it to

Subject line: Pollinator Protector


Simply Copy and Email the following information below to

Zip Code
Watershed –  (Find your Water Shed Here)

By signing this pledge you agree to:

Be a steward of the soil and the water of your home residence Only use organic land management to ensure pollinator health To invite neighbors to take the Pollinator Protector Pledge
Are you a Pollinator Protector?

This self-certification is a way to give responsibly to our own place on this Earth. As an individual, you pledge to add the acreage of your home residence to the health of the pollinators by eliminating harmful chemicals and pesticides with the use of organic land management. In this process, you support the watershed that your land is linked to and all the pollinators that rely on this water. Not sure what watershed you are part of, click here. Your pledge will be added to the growing number of Pollinator Protectors from the Bee Bold Alliance.  We will add your acreage and your watersheds to a growing map, to show region by region the impact we have as an Alliance for Pollinator Health.  (The map is in process and will be live shortly.) As a business you can protect the lands you do business on,  or the property of your local school, library or community center.

By focusing on the health of the soil and the water we can provide a safe haven for our pollinators to be, to live, and to grow. Together we can unite the land as a sustainable food source for all pollinators, all people, all races, and all colors.  We honor and give thanks for the bounty of the Earth, and the waters that give us life.

We are looking to collaborate with other businesses and nonprofits to maximize the impact of our Pollinator Survival efforts.

To sign the Pollinator Protector Pledge and learn more about the Bee Bold Alliance please contact Lavender Grace at or 707 964-0118 ext 107.

We are grateful for your pledge, we are grateful for your collaboration.

Pollination Gardern

Local Pollinator Garden Project

Pollinator Week Garden Project Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Fort Bragg Bee City USA requests the help of community volunteers during Pollinator Week (June 22-28) to clean up the Bee City Garden at Guest House Museum Park. The Garden has not been maintained since February due to COVID 19 Sheltering-In-Place. Please come out and help weed and trim in the Garden on Tuesday, June 23 at 2 pm. We will wear masks and practice physical distancing. We can use up to a dozen volunteers. Please bring your own gloves, and your favorite weeding tool and clippers if you have them. We will have some tools available. In the unlikely event more people than needed appear, we will hope to sign volunteers up for other upcoming garden projects in our community. If you have questions, call 707-494-2149 and leave a message. Your call will be returned.