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OTHAYA : Nyeri, Kenya
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OTHAYA : Nyeri, Kenya


Situated on the highlands of Central Kenya is one of the largest fully farmer-owned, Fairtrade certified coffee society in Kenya, The Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited (FCS). The OTHAYA society was registered in 1956 with 250 farmers and has since grown to over 15,000 members who generally farm half acre plots averaging 250 coffee trees. This is where our Kenya Peaberry comes from and is one of the award-winning roasts from our 2017 Roaster of the Year.

Many aspects make OTHAYA extraordinary, especially their strong social unity. They have a holistic approach to their business management and a progressive view towards quality control throughout their supply chain. The society has a full spectrum of support for their farmers from nursery, farm store, workshops and factory managers are routinely trained on wet mill best practices. OTHAYA also has cupping facilities and society staff cup samples of every lot delivered during the harvest season.

“Peaberries are sought after by coffee connoisseurs for two main reasons: the small size and rounded shape of the beans means they roll around in a smooth and fluid motion inside the coffee roaster for an even and consistent roast. The other major benefit of peaberry beans is that they have been carefully selected, which is essential for optimal quality, regardless of bean shape.” - Jacob Long, Roastmaster


Buying Coffee from OTHAYA since 2015

(We support Coffee Lands Foundation with an additional premium of $.01 for every pound of green coffee purchased)

  • Co-op: OTHAYA
  • Region: Nyeri, Kenya
  • Altitude: 1,400 – 1,800 meters
  • Processing: Wet / Washed
  • Varietal: SL28, SL32, Ruiru 11, Batian