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Letter from Our Founders

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Letter from Our Founders

Dear Friends,

We write to you today with an urgent plea for your help. We have been an “activist” progressive company fighting for the human rights of coffee farmer families, and for Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability around the world. We now face a battle for the dignity and preservation of our own Coast Redwood forests right here in California. 

We rail against the logging in the Brazilian Amazon, but the same level of deforestation is happening right here in Mendocino County.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) has submitted plans to log big second growth trees right in our backyard. The average age of these Redwoods is between 75 and 100 years and most are 150 feet tall, the height of a fifteen story building. They have been doing this all along, but it wasn’t near homes and trails. Few people knew. Now they are spray painting blue lines on trees well on their way to becoming ancient old growth giants–they just need another 800-900 years.

We local residents are the foot soldiers, fighting the battle for all Americans. Thanksgiving Coffee Company is joining this fight for our national heritage. We are happy to say our native Pomo First Nation tribes are on the team as well. We have joined forces to save these trees, which are literally the lungs of our planet.

Paul letter

We are asking you to join us wherever you are. Help us change the way Redwood trees are valued. The ugly secret is that they are not cut down to build houses. No one builds a house with Redwood. These trees are sacrificed for decks and picnic tables– an ugly and dishonorable death for a tree that is not only a part of our national mythology but has been proven by science to be the best carbon sequestering organism in the world. 

This time it is not about far away Brazil. It is right here in a place that many of you have visited or hopefully will someday. As foot soldiers in this battle, we feel our efforts are not just for ourselves, not just because we live here. We are also fighting for you because you are not here to join us (however, if you want to volunteer your special skills and passion, then you are more than welcome).

Wherever you are, we need you to sign our petition. People wonder if online petitions make any difference, but this petition will. We have 3,000 signatures. We need 10,000 for our state legislators to really take notice. If one of every three of you gives two minutes to sign this petition, we’ll be there tomorrow.

Next, take a few more minutes to watch the 11 minute video:

Go to the Take Action Page to find out how you can help, how you can be one of a large group of Americans who believe that Redwoods are more than just trees.

They are a symbol of the enduring nature of life itself.

With sincere thanks in advance, 
Paul & Joan Katzeff
Co Founders
Thanksgiving Coffee Company