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Bee Bold Alliance

The Goal of the Bee Bold Alliance is to Unite Pollinator Protectors to support Biodiversity and Food Security for future generations.

The How:

Here are four ways for you to be part of the solution for pollinator survival.

    1. Drink Bee Bold Coffee – Use your coffee dollars to support your local pollinator protectors. We will send 20% of your online purchase of Bee Bold Coffee to the Bee Bold Partner of your choice. This organic, fair trade coffee is a full circle product.
    2. Sign the Pollinator Protector Pledge –  Pledge to care for the Earth, your home, and your watershed for pollinator survival. You can protect pollinators by using organic land management at your place of residence, your business and community. Join the Pollinator Pledge.
    3. Create a Pollinator Garden – Feeding local pollinators is possible at any size. Doorstep flowerpots, a tree between a sidewalk and the street, a border of herbs and flowers, a full backyard garden, a front lawn replaced by herbs and veggies, or acres of sustainably farmed vegetables. Garden spaces come in every size. Get planting here
    4. Sponsor a Pollinator Garden – Support food security in collaboration with the Bee Bold Youth Core. Contact 

We Facilitate

  • Pollinator Gardens to feed our communities

  • Youth Projects to develop self-responsibility

  • Intentional Creativity for visions of hope through art, music, and dance

  • Traditional Ecology Knowledge for integrated relationships to all life

We Create

  • A circle of regenerative ecology

  • Support for continued life on Earth

  • Hope for our future generations

We Celebrate

  • Each season with heart-centered storytelling, art, dance, and music

  • Connection to our natural world for social and systemic change

This is the Bee Bold Alliance, uniting pollinator protectors for the future of our biodiversity and food security for future generations. The Bee Bold Alliance is a project of Thanksgiving Coffee Company, a certified B Corp using business as a force for good.

Project Director ~ Lavender Grace Cinnamon ~ Sustainable Ecology Advocate or