Mocha Java


Mocha Java


This blend combines two Ethiopian Sidama coffees (a washed and a dry processed), with a wet-hulled Indonesian coffee from the island of Sumatra. The variety of processing methods combines the sweet/sour blueberry taste of coffees processed in what the trade calls "natural" or "dry processing", with the heavy syrupy body and mellow, buttery flavors of wet-hulled coffee from Sumatra. Mocha and Java is a blend of coffee from two historic ports.

Check out the story behind the 96 point score in Coffee Review in 2020!

GrindWhole Bean

  • Whole Bean
  • Auto Drip
  • French Press
  • Espresso
  • Turkish

Bag Size12oz Bag

  • 12oz Bag
  • 5lb Bag
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Customer Review

Coffee to Water Ratio

Using the correct amount of coffee will ensure that your coffee is brewed to strength, without over-extracting or under-extracting the coffee to compensate for an inappropriate dose. We recommend 2 grams of coffee for every fluid ounce of water used to brew. Weighing coffee is the most accurate way to measure the appropriate dose. If a scale is not available, we recommend 2 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee for every 5 ounces of water used to brew.

Grind Size

Producing the correct particle size in ground coffee is one of the most important steps in coffee brewing. In general, a finer grind will produce a more intense brew and a coarser grind will produce a less intense brew. At the same time, a grind that is too fine will produce an over-extracted, astringent brew, and a grind that is too coarse will produce a weak, under-extracted brew lacking flavor. In pour-over methods, grind size also affects the rate of extraction, as water will pass more slowly through a finer grind, and more quickly through a coarser grind. We strongly recommend burr grinders over blade grinders.

Water Temperature and Quality

Water temperature dramatically affects the extraction of coffee’s flavor during brewing. We recommend brewing with water at 200-202° Fahrenheit for best results. Using fresh, clean, chlorine-free water is essential. 

Coffee 101

Discover how to make the most in your cup with our brew blog - Coffee 101. Brewing variations, roast colors, coffee storage, steaming, and so much more. Not just for beginners, this info has gems for all coffee enthusiasts from novice to barista and beyond.

"This is the best Mocha Java that I have had and I have been ordering Mocha Java from roasters all over the country for many years. It well deserves the 96 rating it received from Coffee Reviews. After I tried it, I immediately ordered another bag and gave it to my daughter and her husband who also thought it was outstanding."
Robert H. of Alameda, CA