Quarterly Roastmaster's Select Coffee Beans


Quarterly Roastmaster's Select Coffee Beans


Have you been interested in our Roastmaster Select Club but were afraid to make the monthly subscription commitment? Here is your solution - the Quarterly Roastmaster's Club! This quarter's offering is: Brazil Poco Fundo COOPFAM.

Every quarter our Roastmaster, Jacob Long, will select one of the recent RSC coffees to feature for a limited time. This gives you the opportunity to try one of these rare, limited quantity coffees and see why the Roastmaster's Club is the place to be.

The tradeoff is that the individual selection will be at Market Price which will vary.

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GrindWhole Bean

  • Whole Bean
  • Auto Drip
  • French Press
  • Espresso
  • Turkish

Size12oz Bag

  • 12oz Bag

About this coffee...

  • Tasting Notes:
    Dark chocolate, caramel, and a hint of citrus
  • Process:
    Full natural and sun-dried
  • Region:
    Poço Fundo, Brazil
  • Varietal:
    Mundo Novo, Catuai
  • Altitude:
    800 - 1300 masl

Brazilian Coffee From Poco Fundo

This exceptional coffee is sustainably grown by the Poco Fundo Cooperative, ensuring fair wages and ethical practices for the farmers. With notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and a hint of citrus, it's a true delight for the senses.

Poco Fundo COOPFAM embodies our commitment to sourcing the finest specialty coffees while supporting small-holder producers. Each sip is a celebration of hard work, tradition, and a deep respect for the land.

Co-op Coffee Grown In Brazil

This month, we're proud to feature a truly special coffee grown by a cooperative of small-scale farmers in southeastern Brazil. The beans come from Cooperativa dos Agricultores Familiares de Poço Fundo e Região (COOPFAM), an association formed in 1991 with an inspiring mission.

A Collective Vision for a Better Life

In the early 1990s, 76 farming families in the state of Minas Gerais united with a collective dream - to improve their standard of living, reduce poverty, and create sustainable opportunities that would allow them to maintain their agricultural traditions for generations to come. By banding together as COOPFAM, these determined farmers were able to increase productivity on their small plots while focusing on quality family-oriented farming practices. Their cooperative model allowed them to share resources, knowledge, and a powerful collective voice.

Fair Trade Certified for Over 20 Years

COOPFAM's commitment to ethical practices and sustainable farming led them to become Fair Trade certified by Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) in 1998. For more than two decades, they have adhered to rigorous Fair Trade standards, ensuring their farmers receive fair wages, have safe working conditions, and utilize environmentally-friendly growing methods. When you purchase this coffee, you're directly supporting COOPFAM's mission and the livelihoods of these hard-working small farming families.

A Taste of Tradition and Passion

But beyond the inspiring story, COOPFAM's coffee truly shines in the cup. Grown in the ideal climate of southeastern Brazil, these beans produce a rich, full-bodied brew with notes of sweet chocolate, ripe berries, and a subtle nutty finish.With each sip, you'll taste the passion and commitment of these small farmers who have dedicated their lives to cultivating the finest coffee possible. It's a tradition kept alive through their cooperative and one we're honored to share with you this month. So join us in supporting COOPFAM and celebrating the hard work and vision of these inspiring small-scale coffee growers in Brazil. Brew a cup, savor the flavors, and taste the passion behind every bean.

We're so thrilled to share this coffee with you! Remember to leave us a review and add a photo to earn more beans, for more discounts!

Customer Review

Coffee to Water Ratio

Using the correct amount of coffee will ensure that your coffee is brewed to strength, without over-extracting or under-extracting the coffee to compensate for an inappropriate dose. We recommend 2 grams of coffee for every fluid ounce of water used to brew. Weighing coffee is the most accurate way to measure the appropriate dose. If a scale is not available, we recommend 2 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee for every 5 ounces of water used to brew.

Grind Size

Producing the correct particle size in ground coffee is one of the most important steps in coffee brewing. In general, a finer grind will produce a more intense brew and a coarser grind will produce a less intense brew. At the same time, a grind that is too fine will produce an over-extracted, astringent brew, and a grind that is too coarse will produce a weak, under-extracted brew lacking flavor. In pour-over methods, grind size also affects the rate of extraction, as water will pass more slowly through a finer grind, and more quickly through a coarser grind. We strongly recommend burr grinders over blade grinders.

Water Temperature and Quality

Water temperature dramatically affects the extraction of coffee’s flavor during brewing. We recommend brewing with water at 200-202° Fahrenheit for best results. Using fresh, clean, chlorine-free water is essential. 

Coffee 101

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