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Dutch Chocolate


Dutch Chocolate


Who can resist chocolate? The combination of chocolate and coffee is wonderful, as you know. Now you can have it all in one cup! Even though there's no sugar or calories in this coffee, the chocolate taste is full and delicious.

This coffee is a delicious seasonal blend of Central and South American beans with a medium roast to bring out the complex notes that enhance the chocolate flavor.

GrindWhole Bean

  • Whole Bean
  • Auto Drip
  • French Press
  • Espresso
  • Turkish

Bag Size12oz Bag

  • 12oz Bag
  • 5lb Bag
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Customer Review

"Usually not a fan of flavored coffee but Thanksgiving is the exception. This one is rich and true to taste. Originally was thinking about a great dessert, turns out it's a good morning cup as well."
Jim C. of Weymouth, MA