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Quarterly Roastmaster's Select


Quarterly Roastmaster's Select


Have you been interested in our Roastmaster Select Club but were afraid to make the subscription commitment? Here is your solution!

Every quarter our Roastmaster, Jacob Long, will select one of the recent RSC coffees to feature for a limited time. This gives you the opportunity to try one of these rare, limited quantity coffees and see why the Roastmaster's Club is the place to be.

The tradeoff is that the individual selection will be at Market Price which will vary.

This quarter's offering is; Nicaragua - Finca Alexa. 

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GrindWhole Bean

  • Whole Bean
  • Auto Drip
  • French Press
  • Espresso
  • Turkish

Size12oz Bag

  • 12oz Bag

About this coffee...

  • Elevation:
    1,500-1,700 Meters
  • Varietals:

Finca de Alexa Coffee from Nicaragua

Alexa Marin lives with her two sons in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua, near the border of Honduras, where they focus on growing the best coffee possible. She has been a coffee farmer for many years and has worked with the cooperative PRODECOOOP since 1992, currently serving as their gender equality coordinator.

During a visit to Nicaragua in 2013, I had the opportunity to tour Alexa's farm. Above her coffee plants was an over-story of native trees and scattered here and there were decomposing into the soil which made me wonder what affect this could have on the flavor of the coffee cherries.

Later that day, I traveled to the PRODECOOP tasting room to do a blind tasting of coffees from 17 different farms. One coffee really jumped out as overtly sweet and citric. Guess what? It happened to be from Alexa's farm!

-Jacob Long, Thanksgiving Coffee Roastmaster

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