Mendocino Evening Gold CBD Decaf

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Grind: Whole Bean
Size: 12oz Bag
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Mendocino Evening Gold is a fusion of exceptional CBD oil with our medium-strong decaf espresso. With 200mg of full spectrum CBD per package, you’ll get 5-6 mg of CBD in every 6 oz cup of coffee. It is believed that a daily intake of CBD is important for it to provide its benefits but so often people forget to take their medicine. However, no one forgets their cup of coffee!!

We enlisted the help of medical experts, award-winning Cannabis Cup growers, and three testing labs to assist us in our CBD work. Introducing great coffee to CBD users, our CBD Decaf Coffee is made from Northern Italian Style Espresso organically grown and decaffeinated naturally, without the use of chemicals. This medium-strong decaf espresso has a heavy body and a deep milk chocolate profile.

This great coffee will turn your CBD into a cup of gold.

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*CBD products will only be shipped to States where CBD is legal (can not be shipped to Idaho, South Dakota or Nebraska). CBD products cannot be shipped internationally.

Coffee to Water Ratio

Using the correct amount of coffee will ensure that your coffee is brewed to strength, without over-extracting or under-extracting the coffee to compensate for an inappropriate dose. We recommend 2 grams of coffee for every fluid ounce of water used to brew. Weighing coffee is the most accurate way to measure the appropriate dose. If a scale is not available, we recommend 2 heaping tablespoons of ground coffee for every 5 ounces of water used to brew.

Grind Size

Producing the correct particle size in ground coffee is one of the most important steps in coffee brewing. In general, a finer grind will produce a more intense brew and a coarser grind will produce a less intense brew. At the same time, a grind that is too fine will produce an over-extracted, astringent brew, and a grind that is too coarse will produce a weak, under-extracted brew lacking flavor. In pour-over methods, grind size also affects the rate of extraction, as water will pass more slowly through a finer grind, and more quickly through a coarser grind. We strongly recommend burr grinders over blade grinders.

Water Temperature and Quality

Water temperature dramatically affects the extraction of coffee’s flavor during brewing. We recommend brewing with water at 200° Fahrenheit for best results. Using fresh, clean, chlorine-free water is essential. 

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